Exterior/Interior Stills

Architectural visualisations, both interior and exterior stills, are a great way to convince a client of the proposed spaces, materials or decoration. Vizioen creates these visuals with great attention to detail and realism to ensure the project is fully appreciated as intended by the designer. Materials and lighting are visualised in a way they would behave in the real world.

Conceptual Stills

These visuals can help designers make decisions regarding the spaces or volumes he's creating without spending too much time on other aspects (materials, furnishing,...). Lighting is key when it comes down to these images and we strive to recreate the exact physical conditions so the impact of certain choices are translated to what would happen in the real world. 


VR can be a great addition to still images or video to immerse the client into the design and to make them experience the space before it's even built. The output we provide allows for great flexibility as the only thing you need is either a regular computer, tablet or smartphone. When more immersion is needed a cheap google cardboard can already do the trick.

Click the image above to go to the VR environment.

Click the image above to go to the VR environment.

Conceptual VR

Best of both worlds. Without paying too much attention to anything but the lighting and the space, conceptual VR engulfs the designer in his preliminary design, making it easier for him to make decisions without having to built expensive mockups or time-consuming maquettes.

Click the image above to go to the VR environment.

Click the image above to go to the VR environment.


Vizioen isn't only specialised in architectural visualisation but can also provide product renderings, namely lighting fixtures, furniture, architectural details,...


Whether the purpose of the 3D model is visualisation, 3D printing or other types of fabrication, Vizioen can help you get there. Our 3D models are built with great precision and can be delivered in a wide range of formats. And if need be, the models can be created in either 3DSMax, Rhinoceros 3D or SketchUp.


Vizioen has access to their own hexacopter drone for creating basic aerial footage for backdrops or incorporating aerial visuals into existing environments. The drone itself has been built in-house with upgradeable components for maximum flexibility and easier and faster repairs if necessary. Having our own drone is great as it allows us to work faster without the involvement of another party. 

DJI F550 with GOPRO Hero 4 BLACK.

DJI F550 with GOPRO Hero 4 BLACK.